This page contains a brief summary and a link to each of the card experiments we have performed.

Basic EnhancementEdit

Experiment 0001Edit

This experiment focused on whether or not an evolved card would subsequently grant greater enhancement to a target card than if we simply used the component cards to enhance a target card.

Results: Other experiments will need to be conducted using different cards in order to substantiate this theory, but for now it appears that using the most potent card possible also grants the most growth and does so at a lower cost. When someone wants to enhance a target card, if the feeder cards can be evolved prior to using them to enhance the target card, they should be.

Evolved cards cause more growth than their individual component cards do.

Experiment 0002Edit

This experiment was intended to determine if it's more cost-effective to use two cards individually to enhance a target card, or to do so at the same time.

Results: The result is an identical finished product, for an identical price, regardless of which method is used.

Experiment 0003Edit

This experiment was intended to determine whether it's better to use two feeder cards to create an enhanced version and then use that card to enhance the target card, or to use both cards at once to directly enhance the target card.

Results: Rather than combining two feeder cards into one and then using the result to enhance a target card, it's usually better to enhance the target card using both of the feeder cards directly.