Each new day that a user logs into Legend Cards, there are rewards for doing so. Each day you receive better prizes.

Consecutive Days Logging InEdit

Users are granted rewards based on the consecutive number of days that they log in to their account. Each consecutive day offers new rewards, so the more days you log in, the better prizes you get.

The list of rewards is not yet available, but will be shortly.

Daily Rewards (non-consecutive)Edit

There are certain special rewards that are available for each day that a user logs in, regardless of how many days in a row they have done so. Here are some, but NOT all, such rewards:

  • Each day that a user logs in, they can gain 50 draw points from the alchemy shop. They may do so up to three times during that day.
  • Two times per day a user may create 5000 Gil from the alchemy menu.
  • A user may send up to three friend requests per day that they log in.