Evolution is a function in Legend Cards which allows users to improve the cards they already have in their libraries, as they evolve into better ranks. This page is designed to help players understand the functions of evolution so that they can get the most out of their acquired cards.

Evolved Versus FoundEdit

Evolved cards start with higher base stats than found cards.

For example, this blog post (click and open in new tab) seems to indicate that evolving a Bompking creates higher base stats than one which is found naturally.

While untested for certainty, this should indicate that at max mevel the evolved bompking should have a higher attack and defense than the found Bompking will under the same set of circumstances.

What We Don't KnowEdit

Is it better to evolve a new card from two basic cards, or from two maxed out cards?

How much evolution does a given card grant?

Are some cards better to use for evolution than others?

Answering these questions would essentially maximize our ability to evolve cards and get the most bang for the buck out of our libraries.

We will be conducting a series of experiments in order to discover these answers and help you build the most efficient deck you possibly can. Please help us by trading your low-level "trash" cards to us, and by inputing our game code into your Invitation options so that we can continue to conduct these experiments. Please note that you get cards as a reward for inputing our game code into your Invitation options as well, so you win twice - once through the findings of the experiments, and a second time by getting free cards as a result of helping us out.

Enter our game code: MDYxNDQ5