This page is meant to be a list of things to do on the wiki.

Pending TasksEdit

1. Get rid of the excessive info under the images on pages

2. Narrow the right-hand boxes

3. Add a contents widget to each page

4. Complete the Queen of Chess page

5. Complete the stubs for the Queen of Chess Series

6. Complete the Stater Team 2 page

7. Complete the stubs for the Stater Team 2 series

9. Edit the categories (Arena, Card Series, Cards)

10. Add a page for each menu icon option

11. Set default sizes for images (this might be part of the card template)

12. Add categories to the top menu bar

13. Find out how to set the templates so that images can be placed side by side

14. Add a series page

15. Apply the new card template to each of the card pages

16. See if you can make the card template an actual template

17. Create a new series page template

18. Apply the new series template to the series pages

19. See if we can make the series template an actual template

20. Accidentally added an Animal Girls category, but they have a page already

21. Alistair Nova Series page should just be Alastair Nova

22. Figure out how to delete some of the extra pages (such as the two listed directly above)

Completed TasksEdit

9. Rename each series page to remove the word series from the title

8. Complete Experiment 0001