The Battle Arena is a place where players can go to test their decks against the other players in the game. The idea is very simple: Build the best deck that you can, attack someone, and hope you can win. If you do so, there are rewards to be obtained. If you don't, you may lost some Gil and provoke undesired attention from a rival. While these rivalries can be fun, they're not always advantageous. Choose your targets wisely.

Attack PointsEdit

Attack Points are listed in the status bar at the top of the game display.

The number of attack points currently available to a user will dictate the number of attack points they may use in their next battle.

For example, a display showing 14/37 attack points means that a player currently has 14 attack points out of a possible maximum of 37.

If this player enters a battle with an opponent, even if their deck consists of 37 use points worth of cards, they will only be able to employ 14 use points worth of the five cards they have in their deck.

Attack points replenish at a rate of approximately one point per minute, which makes completing the entire arena (defeating 6 foes) increasingly difficult as the player advances in level.

Focus Elixers can be used to replenish attack points.


Some of the standard rewards for winning individual battles in the arena are:

  • Draw points
  • Gil
  • Shields

There are also rewards for clearing an entire arena (defeating all six opponents). These rewards are depicted at the top of the arena's page and include:

  • Cards
  • Hourglasses
  • Beryl Jewels
  • Metals Tome
  • Beasts Tome
  • Topaz

There are additional prizes offered. If you see one not listed here, please update the page.